Wind Studies is proud to have made a long-lasting contribution to the wind band genre through the recording of new and standard repertoire. As part of GIA’s Windworks and Teaching Music Through Performance in Band series, as well as other recordings with the Klavier Wind Project and Mark Custom Recording, the Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band have set the standard of recording excellence.

KLAVIER WIND PROJECT (Eugene Migliaro Corporon with the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music
Green Brigade Marching Band

Orders can accepted by phone (940-565-3737), faxed (940-565-3700), or mailed to Wind Studies at: 
1155 Union Circle #310818, Denton, TX 76203

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New Releases

Contact! CD-1043 $16.95, featuring collaborations with Professor Mark Ford
Taylor Made CD-1039 $16.95

Shine – K11221 $16, featuring the music of Julie Giroux


Eugene Migliaro Corporon and James Jordan

Frederick Fennell, Mark Hindsley, and William Revell

MASTER CONDUCTORS “THE ART OF THE MARCH” — DVD755 $29.95 — Frederick Fennell, Mark Hindsley and William Revelli

With performances by Keiko Abe, Mark Ford, and Christopher Dean, Robert Schietroma, and Paul Rennick
Adams: Lollapalooza. Kraft: Cadenza and Variations from Concerto for Four Percussion Soloists. Ikebe: Monovalence Ia for Marimba Improvisation and Tape. Matsushita: Airscope II for Marimba Improvisation and Tape. Hauta-aho: Ode to Whales for Marimba Improvisation and Tape. Yurko: Concerto for Nine Percussion Soloists. Abe: Prism Rhapsody II. Peck: The Glory and the Grandeur.

Frederick Fennell, Mark Hindsley and William Revelli

Dzubay: Ra!. Abe: Prism Rhapsody II. Orff/Mas Quiles: Carmina Burana.

GIA WindWorks

CONTACT! – CD 1043
Ford: Stubernic Fantasy; McCarthy: Chamber Symphony No. 1 for Marimba; Abe: Prism Rhapsody II; Higdon: Percussion Concerto; Goto: Ruffles Call from Afar
Conte/Nowlin: A Copland Portrait David Conte/Nowlin; Stephenson: Three Bones Concerto; Grantham: 
Symphony No. 2 “after Hafiz”; Cuong: Moth; Kozhevnikov/Bourgeouis: Symphony #3 “Slavyanskaya”; Dooley: Mavericks
Mackey: Sasparilla; Dooley: Masks and Machines; Nagao: The Earth from “The Planets” for Trouvère; Schoenberg/Patterson: American Symphony; Feld: Divertimento for Wind Orchestra; Corigliano/Anderson: Elegy; Daugherty: Rio Grande
Williams: For The President’s Own ; Wolfgang: Three Short Stories; Broughton: In the World of Spirits; Mackey: The Ringmaster’s March; Daugherty: Winter Dreams; Mackey: Wine-Dark Sea
Higdon: Fanfare Ritmico; Camphouse: Homage to the Dream; Navarro: The Fly; Sweelinck/Ricker: Variations on “Mein Junges Leben hat ein End”; Daugherty: Brooklyn Bridge; Harlin: Rapture; Danyew: Magnolia Star
Gorb: Bells Across the Atlantic; Pitts: Auguries of Innocence; Stölzel/Leenhouts: Concerto grosso a Quattro Chori Dooley: Meditation at Lagunitas; Daugherty: Vulcan; Pann: The Three Embraces; Ferran: Jungla 
Navarro: Downey Overture; Grantham: Farewell to Gray; Bolcom: Graceful Ghost Rag; Goto: Ruffles Call from Afar; Wagner: Huldigungsmarsch; Puckett: Avelynn’s Lullaby ; Williams: Sonata Allegro; Márquez: Danzón No. 2; 
Mackey: The Frozen Cathedral
Lindroth: Alarm Calls; Dzubay: Nocturne; Alarcón: Duende; Gould: Hymnal on “We Shall Overcome”; Biedenbender: Melodious Thunk; Spittal: Scherzo: Cat and Mouse; Schwarz: Above and Beyond; George: The Wild Goose (An Gé Fhiáin)

McAllister: Black Dog; Gershwin/ Hoshina: An American in Paris; Shaw/Sherrod: Concerto for Clarinet; Walczyk: Symphony No. 2: “Epitaphs Unwritten”                                                                                                       

CONCLAVE — CD 935 — $16
Prokofiev: Ode to the End of War; Skrowaczewski: Music for Winds; Grantham: The Barons; Still: Summerland; Bernstein/ Grundman: Divertimento                                                                                                            

AUDIBLES — CD 894 — $16
Dietz: Saisei Fanfare; White: Miniature Set; Bryant: Concerto for Piano; Turner: Rumplestilzchen; Gallego: La Concepción 1910 ; Pann: Hold This Boy and Listen; Freer: Rio’s Convergence

VOICINGS — CD 895 — $16
Zare: Lift Off; Lindroth: Passage;Ticheli: Songs of Love and Life; Tull: Toccata; Gandolfi: Flourishes and Mediations on a Renaissance Theme; Dzubay: Snake Alley            

ENCRYPTIONS — CD 870 — $16
Turrin:  Scarecrow Overture; McTee:Double Play; Husa: Divertimento for Brass and Percussion; Salfelder: Crossing Parallels; Hause: Tango Variations: Colgrass: Arctic Dreams

CIPHERS — CD 871 — $16
Maslanka: Traveler; Ellerby: New World Dances; Husa: Apotheosis of This Earth; Goto: Songs; Milburn: Emerald Suite; Sierra/Scatterday: Alegria           

GENESIS — CD 842 — $16
Turrin: High Flight, Colgrass: Urban Requiem; Husa: Concerto for Wind Ensemble; Mackey: Aurora Awakes

REVELATIONS — CD 843 — $16.00
George: Firefly; Lorenz: El Muro; Higdon: Percussion Concerto; Reed: Armenian Dances Part 1; Grantham: Symphony for Winds and Percussion

ARCHETYPES — CD 820 — $16
Sampson: Moving Parts. Ticheli: Angles in the Architecture. Salfelder: Cathedrals. Husa: Alfresco. Wagner: Trauermusik. Bourgeois: Symphony for William. Gorb: Adrenaline City.

MUSINGS — CD 819 — $16
Ticheli: Wild Nights! Turrin: Lullaby for Noah. Bryant: Parody Suite. Wilson: Colorado Peaks. Husa: Les Couluers Fauves. Hartley: Sinfonia No. 4. Grantham: Lone Star Twister.

DOMAINS — CD 775 — $16
Puts/Spede: Millennium Canons. Husa: Concertino for Piano. McAllister: Krump. Mackey: Kingfishers Catch Fire. Williams: Symphonic Suite. Tanouye: Kokopelli’s Dance.

CHRONICLES — CD 774 — $16
Fletcher/Karrick: Vanity Fair. Alarcón: Concertango. Husa: Cheetah. Jacob: Flag of Stars. Boysen: Branden’s Rainbow. Koh: As the Sun Rises.

HOMAGE — CD 744 — $16
Susato: Twelve Dances from “The Danserye”. Dzubay: Shadow Dance. Kallman: Metamorphosis (On an Original Cakewalk). Hokoyama: Beyond. Nelson: Medieval Suite. Graham: The Red Machine.

URBAN DREAMS — CD 743 — $16
Pann: Slalom. Wilson: Day Dreams. McTee: Finish Line. Gross: Urban Myth. Jacob: Music for a Festival.

Grantham: Court Music. Linn: Concerto Grosso for Brass Trio. Ticheli: Sanctuary. Colgrass: Bali. Maslanka: Symphony No. 7.

Sierra/Scatterday: Fandangos. Vaughan Williams/Silvester: The Lark Ascending. Vaughan Williams/Battisti: Toccata Marziale. Milburn: American Hymnsong Suite. Ticheli: Nitro. Jacob/Trachsel: William Byrd Suite. Grantham: The Barons.

GIA Composer’s Collection

JOHN MACKEY – CD 996 (2-disc set)
High Wire. (Redacted). Redline Tango. Undertow. Sheltering Sky. Kingfisher’s Catch Fire. Sasparilla. The Frozen Cathedral. The Ringmaster’s March. Hymn to a Blue Hour. Foundry. Strange Humors. Aurora Awakes. Wine-Dark Sea.

Niagara Falls. UFO. On the Air. Lost Vegas. Red Cape Tango. Brooklyn Bridge. Desi. Vulcan. Bells for Stokowski. Winter Dreams. Bizarro. Alligator Alley. Motown Metal. Rio Grande.

LEONARD BERNSTEIN  CD 937 (2-disc set) — $26
Fanfare for the Inauguration of JFK. Overture to Candide. Candide Suite. Three Dance Episodes from “On the Town.” Suite from “On the Waterfront.” Danzon from “Fancy Free.” Profanation. Slava!. Suite from “Mass.” Divertimento. Symphonic Dances from “West Side Story”

GEORGE GERSHWIN  CD 936 (2-disc set) — $26
Cuban Overture. Rhapsody in Blue. An American in Paris. Porgy and Bess: Symphonic Picture for Orchestra. Promenade: Walking the Dog.Three Preludes. Strike up the Band (Overture)               

Arctic Dreams. Mysterious Village. Deja Vu. The Beethoven Machine. Raag Mala. Winds of Nagua.l Old Churches. Urban Requiem. Apache Lullaby. Bali   

KAREL HUSA  CD 879 — $16
Divertimento for Brass and Percussion. Les Couleurs Fauves. Cheetah  Al Fresco. Music for Prague 1968. Smetana Fanfare  Apotheosis of this Earth  Concertino for Piano. Concerto for Wind Ensemble      

JACK STAMP — CD 776 (2-disc set) — $26
Escapade. Four Maryland Songs. Divertimento in “F”. Down East Fanfare. Chorale Prelude: Be Thou My Vision. Bandancing. Held Still in the Quick of Grace. Aubrey Fanfare. Pastime. Gavorkna Fanfare. AirLink. Ere the World Began to Be…. Chorale and Toccata. The Beltway Jam. Variations on a Bach Chorale. Lonestar Fanfare. Scenes from Terezin. Ricercare. Symphony No. 1 – In Memoriam David Diamond.

GORDON JACOB — CD 747 (2-disc set) — $26
William Byrd Suite. Concerto for Bassoon. Giles Farnaby Suite. Flag of Stars. An Original Suite. Fantasia for Euphonium. The Battell. Music for a Festival.

CINDY MCTEE — CD 746 — $16
Fanfare for Trumpets. Circuits. Soundings. California Counterpoint: The Twittering Machine. Ballet for Band. Finish Line. Timepiece.

DONALD GRANTHAM — CD 682 (2-disc set) — $26
Variations on an American Cavalry Song. Bum’s Rush. Southern Harmony. The Barons. Court Music. Don’t You See? Second Prelude. Fantasu Variations on George Gershwin’s Second Prelude. J.S. Dances. J’ai ete au bal.

RALPH VAUGHAN WILLIAMS — CD 681 (2-disc set) — $26
English Folk Song Suite. Five Variants of “Dives and Lazarus”. Scherzo alla Marcia. Flourish for Wind Band. Two Movements from “England’s Pleasant Land”. Flourish for Glorious John. Rhosymedre. Toccata Marziale. The Running Set. The Lark Ascending. Sea Songs. Linden Lea. Sine Nomine. Variations for Wind Band.

FRANK TICHELI — CD 680 (2-disc set) — $26
Nitro. An American Elegy. Portrait of a Clown. Shenandoah. Cajun Folk Songs II. Sanctuary. Pacific Fanfare. Blue Shades. Vesuvius. Amazing Grace. Sun Dance. A Shaker Gift Song. Cajun Folk Songs. Postcard. Fortress. Symphony No. 2.

JOSEPH SCHWANTNER — CD 657 (2-disc set) — $26
From a Dark Millenium. In evening’s stillness… …and the mountains rising nowhere. Percussion Concerto. Recoil.

PERCY ALDRIDGE GRAINGER — CD 656 (2-disc set) — $26
Children’s March: “Over the Hills and Far Away”. Irish Tune from County Derry. Shepherd’s Hey. Colonial Song. The Immovable Do. Prelude in the Dorian Mode. Themes from “Green Bushes”. Down Longford Way. The Sussex Mummer’s Christmas Carol. Ye Banks and Braes o’ Bonnie Doon. Six Dukes Went A-Fishin’. Early One Morning. Lincolnshire Posy. “Lads of Wamphray” March. Irish Tune from County Derry (Elastic Scoring Version). Molly on the Shore. Australian Up-Country Tune. Handel in the Strand. O Mensch bewein’ dein’ Sünde gross. Country Gardens. Shenandoah. “The Gumsuckers” March. Harvest Hymn. The Warriors.

GUSTAV HOLST — CD 655 — $16
First Suite in E-flat, Op. 28, No. 1. In the Bleak Midwinter. Bach’s Fugue à la Gigue. Hammersmith: Prelude and Scherzo, Op. 52. A Moorside Suite. Marching Song. A Somerset Rhapsody, Op. 21b. Second Suite in F, Op. 28, No. 2.

Divertimento Op. 42. Psalm Op. 53. Pageant Op. 59. Symphony No. 6 Op. 69. Serenade No. 11 Op. 85. Masquerade Op. 102. Parable IX Op. 121.

Symphony in B-flat. Kammermusik No. 5 Op. 36 No. 4. Konzertmusik Op. 41. Geschwindmarsch. Symphonic Metamorphosis on Themes of Carl Maria von Weber.

GIA Teaching Music Through Performance in Band

Volume 1 book — G4484 — $35
Volume 1, Grades 2 & 3  CD 418 — $35
Volume 1, Grade 4  CD 490 — $35
Volume 2 book  G4889 — $35
Volume 2, Grades 2 & 3 — CD 446 — $35
Volume 2, Grade 4 & 5 — CD 551 — $35
Volume 3 book — G5333 — $42
Volume 3, Grades 2 & 3  CD 473 — $35
Volume 3, Grade 4 — CD 510 — $35
Volume 4 book  G6022 — $50
Volume 4, Grades 2 & 3 CD 552 — $35
Volume 4, Grade 4 & 5  CD 603 — $35
Volume 5 book — G6573 — $42
Volume 5, Grades 2 & 3 — CD 623 — $35
Volume 5, Grade 4 & 5 — CD 638 — $35
Volume 6 book  G7027 — $50
Volume 6, Grades 2&3 — CD 683 — $35
Volume 6, Grade 4 & 5 — CD 684 — $35
Volume 7 book  G7436 — $50 
Volume 7, Grades 2&3 — CD 780 — $35
Volume 7, Grade 4 — CD 816 — $35
Volume 8 book  G7926 — $60 
Volume 8, Grades 2&3 — CD 849 — $35 
Volume 9 book — G8433 — $60
Volume 9, Grades 2&3  CD 899 — $35
Volume 9, Grades 4&5  CD 945 — $35
Volume 10, Grades 2&3 — CD 960 — $35 
Volume 10 book — G8876 — $60
Volume 11 book  — G9546 — $60
Teaching Music Through Performing Marches  CD563 — $35
Teaching Music Through Performance in Beginning Band Volume 2 — G7264 — $35
Teaching Music Through Performance in Beginning Band Volume 2  CD750 — $35
Teaching Music Through Performance in Band Solos with Wind Band Accompaniment  G6188 — $50

Klavier Wind Project

SHINE – K11221 - $16
Giroux: Just Flyin’. Giroux: J. Giroux: Radiant Shadows. Giroux: Shine. Giroux: Hymn for the Innocent. Giroux: No Man’s Land. Giroux: Opa! Giroux: The Hearthstone. Giroux: Shadow Falls. Giroux: Medalist Fanfare. Giroux: The Grace in Being. Giroux: Dragon Sky. 

Giroux: Carnaval! Giroux: Symphony No. IV: Bookmarks from Japan. Giroux: One Life Beautiful. Giroux: Overture in Five Flat. Giroux: Riften Wed. Giroux: The Twelve Gallon Hat. Giroux: Before the Sun. Giroux: Impressions. Conti: The Right Stuff. 

JINGLE THEM BELLS – K77043 – $16 
Giroux: Jingle Them Bells. Giroux: Three Wise Guys. Giroux: The Blue Danube Christmas Waltz. Giroux: One Torch, Two Women and Three Ships. Giroux: I’ll Be Home for Christmas. Giroux: A Very Merry Heart and Soul. Giroux: Nutcracker Fantasia. Giroux: Drummer Boy Charlie. Giroux: Allegro non molto for Flute and Symphonic Band (after the first movement of Vivaldi’s “Winter Concerto”). Giroux: Christmas Toons. Giroux: Away in a Manger. 

AFTER SUNSET – K11186 – $16
Bernstein/Sweeney: Suite From Mass. Yurko: After Sunset. Kennan: Sonata For Trumpet And Wind Ensemble. Gillingham: Symphony No. 2, "Genesis."

PASSIONS — K11154 — $16
Grainger/Rogers: Children’s March: “Over the Hills and Far Away”. Whitacre: October. Bach/Holst: Fugue à la Gigue. Holst/Matthews: Second Suite in F Op. 28 No. 2. Mashima: Three Notes of Japan. Rossini/Schaefer: Scherzo “Fanfare for the Italian Crown”. Hazo: Exultaté. Grainger/Rogers: Colonial Song. Schwantner: Recoil.

POETICS  K11153 — $16
Bryant: Stampede. Cesarini: Poema Alpestre. Gandolfi: Vientos y Tangos. Schwantner: Percussion Concerto.

Grantham: J.S. Dances. Hindemith: Kammermusik No. 5, Op. 36, No. 4. Godfrey: Shindig. Shostakovich: The Story of the Priest and His Helper Balda Op. 36. Hindemith: Symphony in B-flat.

ALLEGORIES — K11144 — $16
Ticheli: Symphony No. 2. Hindemith: Geschwindmarsch. McTee: Ballet for Band. Hesketh: Diaghilev Dances. Daugherty: Bells for Stokowski.

HEMISPHERES — K11137 — $16
Dzubay: Ra!. McCarthy: Chamber Symphony No. 2. Lindroth: Spin Cycle. Abe: Prism Rhapsody II. Sparke: Sunrise at Angel’s Gate. Turrin: Hemispheres.

CARMINA BURANA — K11136 — $16
Orff/Mas Quiles: Carmina Burana.

ESCAPADES — K11128 — $16
Stamp: Escapade. Hidas: Concerto for Bassoon. Graham: Harrison’s Dream. Massenet/Reynolds: Ballet Music from “LeCid.” Grantham: Variations on an American Calvary Song. Grainger/Rogers: Molly on the Shore. Grainger/Rogers: The Gumsuckers March

Hesketh: Masque. Patterson: Symphonic Excursions. Welcher: Songs Without Words. Alkema: Sunset Jericho. Grainger/Kreines: Irish Tune from County Derry. Grainger: “Lads of Wamphray” March.

RECOLLECTIONS — K11124 — $16
Ellerby: Paris Sketches. Grainger: Irish Tune from County Derry. Persichetti: Divertimento. Finney: Skating on the Sheyenne. Gillingham: Be Thou My Vision. Husa: Music for Prague 1968.

TIME PIECES — K11122 — $16
McTee: Timepiece. McCarthy: Chamber Symphony. 
Patterson: Stomp Igor. Walker: Canvas. Wilson: Vortex. 
Holst: First Suite in Eb.

UFO Concerto. Motown Metal. Niagara Falls. 
Desi. Red Cape Tango.

CONVERGENCE  K11110 — $16
Dzubay: Myaku. Tull: Concerto Grosso. Press/Johnston/Fennell: Wedding Dance. Gryc: Masquerade Variations. Hindemith: Konzertmusik, Opus 41. Grainger/Pappajohn: The Warriors.

RENDEZVOUS — K11109 — $16
Bozza: Children’s Overture. Daugherty/Spede: Red Cape Tango. Turok: Canzone Concertante No.5. Hearshen: Divertimento. Woolfenden: French Impressions. Grantham: J’ai ete au bal.

SOJOURNS — K11099 — $16
Young: Tempered Steel. Grantham: Southern Harmony. Gillingham: Concertino for Four Percussion. Sousa: Easter Monday on the White House Lawn. Welcher: Symphony No. 3 “Shaker Life”. Hagen/Spede: Wedding Dances from Bandanna. Daugherty: Niagara Falls.

SOUNDSCAPES — K11098 — $16
Makris/Bader: Aegean Festival Overture. Rudin: Bacchanale. Benshoof: Out and Back Again. Persichetti: Parable IX. Gershwin/Krance: Second Prelude. Grantham: Fantasy Variations.

DEJA VIEW — K11091 — $16
Gorb: Awayday. Bassett: Colors and Contours. Peck: Cave. Colgrass: Déjà vu. Hutcheson: Caricatures. Ticheli: Blue Shades.

DREAMCATCHERS — K11089 — $16
Galbraith: Danza de los Duendes. Mays: Dreamcatcher. Bassett: Lullaby for Kirsten. Schwantner: From a Dark Millennium. Gillingham: Waking Angels. Rudin: The Dream of Oenghus.

WIND DANCES — K11084 — $16
Hart: Circus Ring. McTee: Soundings. Harbison: Olympic Dances. Schwantner: In Evening’s Stillness. Sparke: Dance Movements.

Bremer: Early Light. Kraft: Dialogues and Entertainments. Toch: Miniature Overture. Stamp: Four Maryland Songs. Mailman: For Precious Friends Hid in Death’s Dateless Night. Corigliano: Gazebo Dances.

WILDFLOWERS — K11079 — $16
Toch: Spiel, Op. 39. Schwantner: and the mountains rising nowhere. Grainger: Lincolnshire Posy. Wilson: Dance of the New World. Childs: Concerto for Solo Percussionist. Hart: Cartoon.

LUMINARIES  K11077 — $16
Shostakovich: Prelude, Op. 34 No. 14. Shostakovich: Folk Dances. Whitacre: Ghost Train Triptych. Ito: Gloriosa. Hindemith: Symphonic Metamorphosis on Themes of Carl Maria von Weber.

BIRD SONGS — K11071 — $16
Bird: Serenade. Tull: Concertino for Oboe. Bird: Suite in D. Bird: Marche Miniature. Ticheli: Pacific Fanfare.

TRIBUTES — K11070 — $16
Stamp: Aubrey Fanfare. Tull: Sketches on a Tudor Psalm. Grantham: Bum’s Rush. Gould: Ballad. Cichy: Divertimento. Holst: Hammersmith. McTee: California Counterpoint “The Twittering Machine”. Welcher: Zion.

Mark Records

A Light Unto Darkness. And Can It Be? Lamb of God. Foster’s America. With Heart and Voice. AuSable River Festival. Providence. No Shadow of Turning.

INFUSION: LIVE FROM CBDNA SOUTHWEST REGIONAL  MCD5354 (UNT Symphonic Band concert performance) — $16
Shostakovich/Fisher: Symphony No. 10 – Scherzo. Bryant: Chester Leaps In, ImPercynations, MetaMarch. Grainger/Rogers: Children’s March. Boysen: Kirkpatrick Fanfare. Danielpour/Stamp: Vox Populi. Gillingham/Fisher: Concerto for Piano, Percussion, and Wind Orchestra.

TMEA 2005  MCD5631 (UNT Wind Symphony concert performance) — $16
Stamp: Lonestar Fanfare. Holst: Bach’s Fugue à la Gigue. Bryant: Stampede. Gillingham/Fisher: Concerto for Piano. Cesarini: Poema Alpestre.

DIVERSIONS — MCD3880 (UNT Symphonic Band) — $16
Sparke: Diversions. Yurko: Pastoral Nocturne. Zanninelli: Five American Gospel Songs. Ticheli: An American Elegy. Cichy: Bugs.

WASBE “99”  MCD3144 (UNT Wind Symphony concert performance) — $16
Tchaikovsky: Dance of the Jesters. MacDowell: Woodland Sketches. Grantham: Southern Harmony. Bryant: Chester Leaps In. Gillingham: Galactic Empires. Stamp: Pastime. Gorb: Yiddish Dances. Ticheli: Vesuvius.

Klavier Wind Project featuring Eugene Migliaro Corporon and the Cincnnati Conservatory of Music Wind Symphony

IN CONCERT — K11067 — $16
Stamp: Gavorkna Fanfare. Tcherepnin: Statue. Tippett: Mosaic. Grainger: Irish Tune “The Gum-Suckers” March. Weinstein: Concerto for Wind Symphony. Skalkottas: Greek Dances.

SONGS AND DANCES — K11066 — $16
Persichetti: Masquerade. Gilmore: Five Folksongs for Soprano. Zappa: Envelopes. Zappa: The Dog Breath Variations. Gillingham: Serenade “Songs of the Night”. Schmitt: Dionysiaques.

HEARTS MUSIC — K11064 — $16
Diamond: Hearts Music. Hartley: Concerto for 23 Winds. Murray: Ronald Searle Suite. Colgrass: Winds of Nagual. Nelson: Aspen Jubilee.

Ives: Variations on “America”. Reeves: Yankee Doodle Fantasy Humoresque. Bennett: Suite of Old American Dances. Gould: American Salute. Ticheli: Amazing Grace. Euphonium Favorites featuring Brian Bowman.

PARADIGM — K11059 — $16
Stravinsky: Circus Polka. Rands: Ceremonial. Freund: Jug Blues & Fat Picking. Hindemith: Symphony in B-flat. Harbison: Three City Blocks. Gregson: The Sword and the Crown.

POSTCARDS — K11058 — $16
Adams: Short Ride in a Fast Machine. Nelson: Passacaglia. Milhaud: Suite Francaise. Ticheli: Postcard. Margolis: Terpsichore.

MADE IN AMERICA — K11051 — $16
Druckman: Paean. Druckman: In Memoriam Vincent Persichetti. Wilson: Piece of Mind. Kurka: The Good Soldier Schweik Suite. Diamond: Tantivy.

AMERICAN DREAMS — K11048 — $16
Bernstein: Overture to “Candide”. Schuman: George Washington Bridge. Copland: An Outdoor Overture. Copland: El Salon Mexico. Schuman: Chester. Reed: La Fiesta Mexicana.

SOUNDINGS — K11047 — $16
Gregson: Celebration. Persichetti: Symphony No. 6. Schoenberg: Theme and Variations. Maw: American Games. Gershwin: A Rhapsody in Blue.

MEMORIALS — K11042 — $16
Reicha: Commemoration Symphony. McTee: Circuits. Gillingham: Heroes Lost and Fallen. Ives: Old Home Days. Gould: West Point Symphony No. 4.

EMBLEMS  K11030 — $16
Piston: Tunbridge Fair. Dahl: Sinfonietta. Copland: Emblems. Maslanka: A Child’s Garden of Dreams. Bernstein: Slava.

Green Brigade Marching Band

North Texas...we love — $16
Mitchell: Bohemian Rhapsody. Williams: Krump. Wallace: Hey Baby. Rice/Rennick: Moto Perpetuo. McCutchen: Fly Like An Eagle. Wondwessen/Adams: Fly - Remix. Fisher: You'll Never Walk Alone.