Conductors Collegium

Conductors Collegium 2020
Eugene Migliaro Corporon | Andrew Trachsel | Daniel Cook
June 8-19, 2020
Conducting Participants: $850
Non-Conducting Participants: $550

The University of North Texas Wind Studies faculty are excited to announce the return of the summer Conductors Collegium, hosted from June 8th through 19th, 2020. 

The Collegium presents an opportunity for instrumental music educators of all levels from around the world to meet and discuss common goals, shared concerns, and practical solutions with colleagues and performers. The format is designed to allow maximum flexibility in examining topics that are of paramount interest to the participants. The goal of the Collegium is to help those in attendance expand their perspectives and deepen their artistry by providing an environment that creates a positive opportunity for dialogue, investigation, and exchange. 

As many as 40 conductors will be selected to rehearse and perform on one of four concerts with the North Texas Wind Symphony. In addition to real-time interaction, comments regarding conducting gesture, rehearsal approach, and pedagogy will be made on video recordings. Auditing attendees will have the opportunity to attend all events and observe rehearsals, where commentary will be provided and discussion facilitated regarding the on-stage activities. The Collegium is divided into four 3-day rounds. Each conducting round concludes with an evening concert featuring the 10 conductors participating in that round. Conductor and Non-Conductor Participants may choose to go to as few or as many rounds as they wish for the same cost. A minimum of two consecutive rounds are required in order to conduct.

Public school educators are especially encouraged to attend the Conductors Collegium. In conjunction with the UNT Professional Development Institute, our faculty are equipped to approve up to ninety (90) continuing education hours for full participation. Individuals attending select rounds of the Collegium may receive a prorated allotment based on instructional hours completed. Our workshop conforms to the SBEC standard for continuing education credits toward re-certification and we offer this service at no additional fee to participants.

We are pleased to partner with GIA Publications in producing this event and we are grateful for more than two decades of their support of this project. Collegium repertoire will be selected from standard wind masterworks as well as the forthcoming Teaching Music through Performance in Band, Volume 12 (GIA). The faculty will lead discussions and offer lectures throughout the twelve-day event on a variety of related subjects. Morning sessions will focus on exposition of the selected masterworks as well as musical and philosophical issues, combined with analytical, technical, and pedagogical concerns. 

The fee for this twelve-day event for conducting participants is only $850, and $550 for non-conducting participants.

Registration and payment for the Conductors Collegium is available through Acceptd. Visit and select Conducting as the area and Conductors Collegium as the program.