The University of North Texas Wind Studies Area, as part of the Division of Conducting & Ensembles of the College of Music, has as its primary mission the preparation of instrumentalists and conductors for professional careers in performance and education. It is our goal to provide a program that will develop well-rounded musicians who are prepared to face the challenges of an increasingly global, rapidly changing, and inevitably interconnected musical world. In addition, we are directed toward maintaining a leadership role locally, nationally, and internationally. At both the undergraduate and graduate level, we seek to:

●    Expand the technical, intellectual, personal, and spiritual horizons of musicians.
●    Promote the highest performance standards that result in soul-to-soul music making.
●    Prepare for the music of the future by exploring the music of the present while preserving the music of the past.
●    Increase the awareness of the artistic and historical significance of music for winds and percussion.
●    Create a positive music-making environment that allows the knowledge gained in the studio and classroom to be applied to ensemble performance.
●    Provide a balanced experience that promotes imagination, creativity, flexibility, independence, and versatility in each musician.
●    Preserve the repertoire of the wind band, which has become a significant and serious means of musical expression.
●    Broaden the concept of performance and teaching skills by encouraging critical thought and artistic interaction.

The program serves approximately 600 undergraduate and graduate music majors. Performance opportunities include Wind Symphony, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, University Band, Brass Band, Green Brigade Marching Band, and Varsity Band.

The graduate conducting program offers degrees at both the Master’s and Doctoral level. The goal is to develop conductors for professional careers in performance and education through intensive study of literature and pedagogy. The rigorous and varied curriculum prepares well-rounded conductors for successful professional careers in their chosen field. Graduate Conducting Associates receive practical experience working regularly with the various ensembles, and appearing on concert programs throughout the year. Additionally, the Conducting Associates serve in an internship capacity and are integrally involved in all administrative aspects of the Wind Studies Area.

We have an important secondary mission, which is to provide University students, staff, and faculty with an avenue to continue their involvement with and connection to the performing arts. We are committed to the concept of maintaining groups that encourage those who do not have career plans in music to develop the aesthetic self in addition to the academic self. We are dedicated to the education of the whole human through our involvement in the University community at large.



Eugene Migliaro Corporon, Director of Wind Studies, Conductor of the Wind Symphony
Andrew Trachsel, Professor of Wind Studies, Conductor of the Wind Orchestra
Amy Woody, Director of Athletic Bands, Conductor of the Wind Ensemble
David Childs and Raquel Samayoa, Conductors of the Brass Band
Dachuan Cao, John Clemons, Jerianne Larson, Doctoral Conducting Associates
Steven Tan, Master’s Conducting Associate
Heather Coffin, Administrative Coordinator
Erick Morales, Alena Scott, Catherine Yang, Librarians
Floyd Graham, Director of Bands, Emeritus (1927–1937)
Maurice McAdow, Director of Bands, Emeritus (1945–1975)
Robert Winslow, Director of Bands, Emeritus (1975–1993)
Dennis Fisher, Professor of Wind Studies, Emeritus (1982–2019)

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