***Attention Students** Please read the plans and procedures for Spring 2021 below for complete information for both face-to-face and remote ensembles.


*New and transfer students, and any student who wishes to change their modality, should send a message directly to heather.coffin@unt.edu AND andrew.trachsel@unt.edu.  We will attempt to accomodate requests on a case-by-case basis.



Spring 2021 Wind Studies Placements: Click Here updated 1/12/2021- Flute placements are now posted! 



Make sure you are enrolled so we can begin swapping you!!!

  • Enroll in the ensemble holding course:
    • ​Undergrads Mulb 1806.520
    • Graduate Mulb 5173.520
    • If you are not enrolled in the holding course we cannot move you to your assigned ensemble and could result in unecessary late fees.

​​**IMPORTANT:You must contact us if you decide to NOT participate in Wind Studies ensembles after submitting an information form. Please email heather.coffin@unt.edu


Wind Studies Ensembles Spring 2021 Plans and Procedures:


The five face-to-face ensembles in Wind Studies for Spring 2021 include:
Wind Orchestra (Dr. Andrew Trachsel, Conductor)
Tuesday/Thursday 12:30–3:15 PM MPAC WPH/IRR

Wind Ensemble (Prof. Daniel Cook, Conductor)
Tuesday/Thursday 3:30–6:15 PM MPAC WPH/IRR

Brass Band (Dr. Raquel Samayoa, Dr. David Childs, and Danny Brock, Conductors)
Monday/Wednesday 2:15–4:05 PM MUSI 232

Symphonic Band (Slade Denman and Joel Davidson, Conductors)
Monday/Wednesday 1:15–3:15 PM MPAC IRR

Concert Band (Rob Truan and Joel Davidson, Conductors)
Monday/Wednesday 3:30­–5:50 PM MPAC IRR


Students electing face-to-face modality will be assigned to one of the five Wind Studies lab ensembles based on studio recommendation and/or audition procedure (if applicable). Students registered for the holding section of Wind Studies (MULB 1806.520 or MULB 5173.520) will be administratively placed in their assigned ensemble.



  • Safety remains our top priority. Specific safety measures are included below.
  • Each ensemble is a large pool of players from which instrumentation and part assignments will be determined.
  • Players will be assigned into small and medium-sized chamber winds pieces, carefully selected so as to not exceed the COVID capacity allowances.
  • No piece will include the entire ensemble personnel at any time in rehearsal or performance.
  • Players, depending on instrumentation, may be assigned to more than one piece; it is the expectation that students are available during the scheduled rehearsal time for the lab ensemble they are assigned (as detailed above). Conductors will email rehearsal schedules and assignments so students are aware of precisely their time commitment every week.
  • Rehearsal frames will be a maximum of 30 minutes, and then each rehearsal space will be cleared for 30 minutes before the next ensemble activity. During the 30-minute air-clearing time, rehearsal may continue in a different authorized space. For example:
    • Wind Orchestra Rehearsal Schedule
    • 12:30–1:00 PM in Winspear Performance Hall (WPH), then
    • 1:05–1:35 PM in Instrumental Rehearsal Room (IRR), then
    • 1:40–2:10 PM back to WPH
    • 2:15–2:45 PM back to IRR
    • 2:50–3:15 PM back to WPH
    • A student may be assigned to multiple rehearsal frames (likely different pieces to which they would be assigned)
  • The above rehearsal schedule example will allow for a bit more frequency and consistency of rehearsing than was the case in the fall semester.
  • Distancing: 9x9-foot distancing minimum or greater at all times; the floor will be taped to designate quadrants.
  • Space COVID Capacities:
    • WPH: 26 on stage (with expanded possibilities into the boxes, balcony, seats)
    • IRR: 30
    • MUSI 232: 19
  • Individual Mitigation Measures specific to each instrument:
    • Percussion, Bass, Piano, Harp, and Conductor:
      • Standard masking at all times; disinfect any area that is of mutual use (percussion); use own PPE.
    • Woodwinds:
      • Mask with a custom opening to allow for mouthpiece/reed insertion (except flute). This will be provided.
      • Flute masking: custom masking that will be provided.
      • Custom bell covering. This will be provided.
      • Condensation: with “puppy pad” or other absorbent material that can be disposed or cleaned between each rehearsal. Student must provide.
      • No reed-soaking containers are permitted unless they are closed.
    • Brass:
      • Mask with a custom opening to allow for mouthpiece insertion. This will be provided.
      • Custom bell covering. This will be provided.
      • Spit valve: must not empty on floor; collect with “puppy pad” or other absorbent material that can be disposed or cleaned between each rehearsal. Student must provide.
  • Additional Risk Mitigation
    • No congregating in the lobby or other spaces outside of rehearsal space.
    • Bags and cases must remain with the student. With social distancing in place, there should be adequate room for these items within each student’s 9x9 quadrant.
    • Designated separate entrance and exit into building and rehearsal space.
    • Masks must be worn at all times (see “Mitigation Details Specific to Instrument” above for more information).
    • Assigned seating; no rotation of seating or part assignment within rehearsal unit.
    • Music stands: students are encouraged to provide folding stands. Students who elect to use College of Music stands are responsible for disinfecting before and after usage.
    • Doors open to allow for flow.
    • Disinfection must happen between each unit.
    • Music distributed digitally; students may print independently or use tablet per preference.



Students opting to choose the remote modality will be enrolled in the appropriate remote section of Wind Symphony, which will continue to function as “Wind Studies Weekly,” every Tuesday from 2:00–3:15 PM via Zoom. The focus of these interactive weekly meetings will be live lectures and an exciting variety of guests across the professional music spectrum. A full list of guest lecturers will be available soon. Weekly attendance, assignments, and quizzes will be required.


*All students, regardless of modality, are welcome to attend the Wind Studies Weekly. Contact Alyssa Grey (AlyssaGrey@my.unt.edu) to gain access.



Wind Studies Ensemble Rehearsal Schedule:
Wind Symphony: Remote Section for Spring 2021
Wind Orchestra: Tuesday/Thursday 12:30-3:15 pm (Murchison)
Wind Ensemble: Tuesday/Thursday 3:30-6:15 pm (Murchison)
Brass Band: Monday/Wednesday 2:15-4:05 pm (MU232)
Symphonic Band: Monday/Wednesday 1:15-3:15 pm (Murchison)
Concert Band: Monday/Wednesday 3:30-5:50 pm (Murchison)