Update 12/11/18- Results will be posted by Monday 12/17/18.  

Feel free to check back between now and 12/17, but do not contact the Wind Studies office to ask when they will be posted. 

We are working on them and will post them as soon as they are ready!!!!



Did you miss spring auditions? 

  • Make up auditions will be held on January 11th
  • Please email the Wind Studies administrative assistant, Heather Coffin at heather.coffin@unt.edu
  • You will receive an email on Jan. 7th with your assigned audition time. 
  • Prepare materials listed below and make sure you have completed an audition information form!!!



Complete and Submit the Audition Information Form  2019 Audition Information Form

  • Fill out the ENTIRE form (if an item does not apply to you, simply enter “N/A”).
  • Applied teacher: If you have not been assigned an applied teacher, please refer to list below and use the faculty listed for your instrument.
  • Note: Your student ID is the 8-digit number assigned to you by UNT, NOT your username (combination of letters and numbers).
step2Enroll in the Holding Section (labeled as “Wind Symphony” or "Large Ensemble: Band" in the Course Catalog)
  • For Undergraduate students, this course is MULB 1806.520
  • For Graduate students, this course is MULB 5173.520.
What’s this for?
This ensures that you are registered for an ensemble. Once auditions are completed WE will move you to your specific assigned ensemble (Wind Symphony, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Brass Band, Concert Band, or University Band), which will show up on your schedule in MyUNT within 2 weeks of auditions. If you are placed in an Orchestra, we will take you out of the class so you can register for either Symphony or Concert Orchestr
step3Sign up for your Spring 2019 Audition Time
There is only 1 round for the spring auditions. You will perform a portion of the jury piece you have already prepared plus a short excerpt from a piece to be performed in the spring.
*Wind players should prepare one minute excerpt(s) from your jury selection, in addition to the excerpts provided from Schoenberg's Theme and Variations posted below. (If you did not participate in juries you need to prepare a one minute excerpt of your choice.)
*Percussion students will perform sight reading and excerpt(s)/solo of your choice on only one instrument.


► Be sure to download and print the required excerpts for your instrument. You will be asked to play this in addition to one minute excerpt(s) of your choice from your jury piece.  Please select your jury excerpt BEFORE you enter the audition room.


step4Determine your Ensemble Assignment

  • After your audition, your ensemble assignment will be posted on the Wind Studies website – make sure you know your ensemble’s rehearsal schedule!
  • Note: All Wind Studies ensembles WILL rehearse during the first week of classes


                                Audition Results will be posted at the top of the page for each instrument once they are finalized.



Wind Studies Ensemble Rehearsal Schedule:
Wind Symphony: Tuesday/Thursday 1:15-4:05 pm (Murchison)
Symphonic Band: Tuesday/Thursday 12:30-3:15 pm (Murchison)
Wind Ensemble: Tuesday/Thursday 3:30-6:15 pm (Murchison)
Brass Band: Monday/Wednesday 2:15-4:05 pm (MU232)
Concert Band: Monday/Wednesday 1:15-3:15 pm (Murchison)
University Band: Monday/Wednesday 3:30-5:30 pm (Murchison)